Simplify Your Workflow

Boost Earnings with Minimal Effort

GreatPractice comes equipped with a suite of features designed to streamline your lead management process. Achieve a full calendar with ease, ensuring your team remains productive without the pressure.

Convert Cold Leads Into Satisfied Paying Patients

Scheduling & Engagement Simplified

Welcome to Your Digital Reception

Streamline vital new patient communications with automation, boosting your consultation bookings. Gain unprecedented clarity in your new patient correspondence.

Automated Text & Email

Effortlessly establish a flawless follow-up routine with our ready-to-use automation. Tailor the messaging to align with your brand identity or utilize them straight out of the box. Whichever path you choose, you’re set to increase lead conversions and minimize missed appointments.


Instant first contact


Regular automated follow-ups


Hassle-free appointment setting


Automated reminders for appointments


Campaigns to encourage 5-star reviews

Centralized Communication Hub

Track all interactions with potential patients on a single screen, from outbound texts/emails to inbound calls. Say goodbye overlooked conversations.

Bi-Directional Texting Interface

View both incoming and outgoing texts, including automated and manual responses, in a centralized location.

Call Recording Archive

GreatPractice stores recordings of all inbound and outbound calls, allowing you to revisit and verify details whenever necessary.

Efficient Email Management

Sync your email to manage both automated and personalized emails in one place, right next to texts, calls, and social media interactions.

Streamlined Social Media Communication

Efficiently handle inquiries from Facebook Messenger, Google My Business, or Instagram directly, without the need to alternate between different apps or tabs.

Instant ROI Monitoring

Track Your Expenditures and Earnings

Gain clear insights into your marketing investments’ effectiveness. Discover which marketing strategies are attracting new patients and identify the most profitable channels for your practice.

Instant ROI Visualization

Effortlessly monitor the sales performance across your marketing channels. This real-time insight allows for informed, data-driven investment decisions.

Identify New Patient Origins

Easily trace each lead back to its initial traffic source. This enables precise calculations of patient acquisition from various channels like Facebook, Google, referrals, and others.

“GreatPractice has completely revolutionized the way we handle patient management and marketing. Its ability to track and manage leads has led to a significant increase in our patient numbers. The user-friendly interface and insightful data analysis tools have made it easier for us to understand where our efforts are most effective, particularly in online channels. The seamless integration with our existing systems has been a game-changer, saving us time and enhancing our efficiency. I can confidently say that GreatPractice has been instrumental in the growth and success of our clinic.”

– Dr. Laura Kim

Efficiency-Enhancing Features

Enhance Your Front Desk Operations 

Elevate your team’s productivity and streamline their workflow. Increase appointment bookings, minimize no-shows, and eliminate tedious tasks that hinder your team’s performance.

Digital Appointment Booking

Enable new patients to schedule appointments online effortlessly, enhancing conversion rates and saving time otherwise spent on phone calls.

Automated Appointment Alerts

Utilize automated text reminders to significantly reduce no-shows and cancellations by up to 20%, ensuring new patients remember their appointments.

Live Chat Feature

Engage with potential patients directly on your website. Provide real-time answers to inquiries and schedule appointments instantly.

Digital Check-In Process

Transform new patient registration into a convenient and secure digital experience, simplifying the process for both patients and your staff.

Enhance Your Online Presence

Develop a Stellar Reputation

Streamline your approach to gathering patient reviews with automation. Cultivate a profile of five-star ratings that boosts confidence and attracts new patients effortlessly, without any additional cost.

Effortless Review Management

Set up automated emails for review requests, ensuring your team never misses a chance.

Motivate patients to leave positive feedback.

Stay ahead in search algorithms, enhancing your practice's visibility on Google, Facebook, and similar platforms.

“GreatPractice has been a revelation for our clinic. It’s transformed how we approach marketing, providing clarity on our investment returns. This tool has streamlined our patient acquisition process, making it more efficient and predictable. Now, we’re seeing a steady increase in new patients, all thanks to the consistent and targeted strategies enabled by GreatPractice.”

– Dr. Alex Martinez

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