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GreatPractice goes beyond typical CRM functionality. It serves as a dynamic sales acceleration tool, effectively converting a higher number of your leads into paying patients. Simultaneously, it provides transparent insights into the profitability of your advertising efforts.




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Embark on your practice’s expansion with two paths: painstakingly navigate the process on your own over years, or accelerate growth with proven methods and automation for rapid patient acquisition.

GreatPractice is the key tool powering high-revenue practices to initiate more patient treatments and boost profits. For those dedicated to scaling up, GreatPractice equips you with the precise resources necessary for impactful growth.

“In my extensive experience with more than 10 marketing companies, GreatPractice is the first to truly deliver. It provides concrete results, clearly showing how our spending translates into new patients. This level of tangible outcome is unparalleled and a breakthrough for our marketing strategy.”


– Dr. Ashley Smith

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Success in converting digital leads hinges on promptness and reliability. After extensive research, rigorous testing, and developing effective systems, we’ve significantly increased patient conversion rates. All these insights are integrated into GreatPractice. This allows you to enhance communication while expanding your practice, leading to greater patient satisfaction and appreciation.

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GreatPractice, acclaimed by some of the most rapidly growing dental practices, is ready for your use. It’s equipped with all the necessary features for scaling your business effectively, without increasing your team’s workload. If you’re looking to grow your business faster and more profitably, let us show you the benefits of GreatPractice.

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