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Get More Patients in the Next 30 Days

Boost your patient numbers this month using our lead management software designed to automate and refine the follow-up process for new patients.

GreatPractice fuels the nation’s leading dental practices…

If any of this sounds familiar, then GreatPractice is built for you:


Despite investing in digital marketing, I mostly receive low-quality leads.


I'm tired of incurring costs for click-throughs; I simply need an increase in patient numbers.


The leads I get often result in 'no-shows', leading to financial losses.


Managing my team's follow-up on potential patients is too time-consuming for me.


I'm unable to clearly see the return on investment for my substantial ad spending.


I'm working more than desired due to an unfilled schedule.

Turning ‘Bad Leads’ into Successful Consultations

In the realm of business development, not every lead is immediately recognized as a promising prospect.

However, with the right approach and mindset, what initially appears as a ‘bad lead’ can be transformed into a fruitful consultation.

We focuses on understanding the unique needs and challenges of each lead, employing innovative communication strategies, and leveraging data-driven insights to tailor our approach.

Convert Cold Leads Into Satisfied Paying Patients

Experience round-the-clock assistance with our Digital Front Desk

Streamline Your Follow-Up Process

Boost Your Monthly New Patient Count

Elevate your sales strategy with automated text, call, and email sequences. Craft a tight follow-up schedule to quickly fill your calendar and consistently increase new patient registrations each month.

Engage with up to 200% more leads by initiating contact within the first 30 seconds.

Achieve up to 150% higher lead conversion by implementing automated follow-ups

Decrease no-show rates by up to 20% with automated reminders for scheduled appointments.

Always-On Communication, offer round-the-clock responses to potential patients with customized out-of-office texts, and email replies.

Before discovering GreatPractice, the uncertainty of returns on my advertising investments was a constant concern. GreatPractice has brought tangibility and effectiveness to our direct-to-consumer marketing efforts. It’s not just about increasing visibility; it’s about creating a consistent and high-quality experience for every new patient we welcome. This has been a game-changer for our practice.”

– Dr. Emily

Track Your Pipeline with Clarity

Experience the Transition from Leads to Patients in Real-Time

With GreatPractice’s digital front desk, you can monitor every phase of your lead’s progression in real-time. Our web and mobile applications consolidate all your interactions onto a single screen, eliminating the chaos of misplaced notes and forgotten phone calls, ensuring you stay organized and informed at every step.

Monitor the journey of leads to patients in real-time with GreatPractice's digital front desk.

View all conversations in one place using our web and mobile apps, ensuring no interaction is missed.

Say goodbye to lost Post-It notes and forgotten calls, keeping your patient engagement process streamlined and effective.

Achieve Measurable Outcomes

Transform Your Marketing Investments into Visible Gains

With GreatPractice, gain clarity on the effectiveness of each marketing channel. Move beyond mere click counts and start directing your budget towards strategies that deliver real, tangible results. Our platform makes it straightforward to assess the profitability of your marketing efforts, ensuring you invest wisely in what truly works.

“Dealing with the unpredictability of ad spend outcomes was always frustrating. GreatPractice changed that for us. It has made our direct-to-consumer marketing efforts not only measurable but also consistently effective. We’re now able to provide a uniform and exceptional experience to each new patient, significantly enhancing our practice’s growth and reputation.”

– Dr. Aaron

Cultivate Leads Into Loyal Patients

With GreatPractice, easily track the source and conversion of your leads, ensuring steady growth for your practice. Month after month, watch as your leads transform into dedicated patients.

Monitor Each Lead Right from Its Origin

We provide complete insight into the source of every lead and their conversion into patients. This comprehensive tracking is key to consistently growing your practice, ensuring success month after month.

Track Patient Progress Effortlessly

Quickly track every patient’s journey from their initial appointment request to the start of their treatment and all the phases in between. This simplifies the process of patient management, ensuring no step is overlooked.

Enhanced Integration for Patient Care Efficiency

GreatPractice syncs effortlessly with major patient management software including Cloud 9 and Rhinogram, allowing you to focus more on patient care. Upcoming integrations include OrthoTrac, Ortho2, OrthoNovo, Dolphin, and more, broadening its range and utility.

Transform Your Marketing Investments into Visible Gains

Strictly Adheres to HIPAA Standards

GreatPractice employs top-tier encryption and rigorous security checks, guaranteeing the protection of your and your patient’s sensitive data, both in the office and on mobile devices.

Dedicated Support for Quick Results

Our team is committed to ensuring your traffic sources are effectively linked with GreatPractice. We’ll guide your team through its usage, enabling you to begin scheduling more consultations in just a few days.

Accessible on Desktop and Mobile

Operate seamlessly from any location on various devices, ensuring consistent, exceptional service for your potential patients, whether at the office or remotely.

Ready To Expand Your Practice?

If you’re looking to shift from focusing on click-through rates to increasing new patient numbers, click below to see how GreatPractice can elevate your practice.

“GreatPractice has been a revelation for our clinic. It’s transformed how we approach marketing, providing clarity on our investment returns. This tool has streamlined our patient acquisition process, making it more efficient and predictable. Now, we’re seeing a steady increase in new patients, all thanks to the consistent and targeted strategies enabled by GreatPractice.”

– Dr. Alex Martinez